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TET Dc Speed Regulating System

This product is mainly used for 60~575 kw Dc motor drive and control in building materials, metallurgy, petrochemical, paper making with high accuracy demand on speed regulating occasion. According to user requirements, a primary line can be equipped, users have to provide the in-/outlet power line and control cable........[detail]

GBPT High Voltage Frequency Conversion ..

This product is used for 6 kv, 10 kv and other higher than 1 kv voltage grade, high voltage power ac motor speed control device for frequency conversion........[detail]

YDT Series Liquid Resistance Governor

This product is a high performance device, designed for speed governing of the fan and water pumps and other power equipments, equipped with wound rotor asynchronous motor. This product has the very high cost performance, overcomes the shortages of the other types of speed control devices such as high price or poor reliability, difficult maintenance, etc. .......[detail]

TPQ Series Frequency-sensitive Variable..

This product is suitable for wound rotor motor drive equipment, such as for the light and overloading starting of the fan, compressor and crusher. Every time starting is not more than 30s, and between the adjacent two starting there is enough time to make rheostat cooling, in order to avoid overheating and damage the rheostat........[detail]

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